Defining Our Working Relationship

Our central goal is to inform you so we can make strategic, timely decisions together.


What can you expect when you become a client?

Our most effective work for our clients occur when your level of involvement meets our level of involvement. When you become a client, you will have the support of our entire team.  We will be responsible for ensuring your expectations are met.  We will establish a personal website (which is updated daily) for you where you can review your financial plan and entire investment portfolio.

You will be invited to events covering timely topics given by experts in their field.  We will meet with you annually to review your plan's performance.  You can expect us to actively monitor your investment plan to adapt to your life's changing expectations.


How do we charge?

There is no obligation or charge for your initial consultations.  Each person has a unique set of needs, and quite often we can help develop a strategy within our first two meetings.

If your planning needs are more detailed or intricate, we reserve the right to charge for our services.  If a fee is to be charged, we will explain in detail how our fee is calculated so you will understand how we charge and how you can benefit from the services offered.  We welcome your communication and do not charge for phone calls, emails or questions.


What do we ask from you?

It is very simple.  We ask for timely responses to our phone calls, emails and communications.  Financial planning can create a need to make a series of important decisions.  It is natural to want to put off making decisions.  However, we do our most effective work with clients who respond in a timely manner and engage in the process.  In return, we pledge to be prompt with our communication to you.


In Closing

We will strive to be your trusted financial advisor who understands your personal financial issues, can help you work towards your goals in an affordable and personalized manner, and can make adjustments to your strategy as the economy and your needs change.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you as we embark on our business relationship with mutual energy and commitment.