Life's Tough Questions


For Individuals:

Can I afford to retire?

What are my financial goals?

How can I save more for retirement?

How much can I spend in my retirement?

How will cost of living changes affect my retirement?

How does my life insurance policy work - do I need more or less coverage?

As I age, how can I keep from being a burden to my kids?

Do I need Long Term Care insurance?

Can the stock market be a fit for me?

How can I create a philanthropic legacy?

How can I help minimize the effect of taxes?

Am I a fit for your services offered?

Where do I begin?

For Business Principals:

How can I retain my key employees?

How can I distribute more money from my business to myself?

How do I protect the ownership of my company from my partner's death or disability?

How do I position my company for sale or my transition into retirement?

What benefits can I offer to my employees... and myself?

How can I help minimize the impact of taxes on my business?