Beech Creek Financial Group

                                     … is a full-services firm offering fee-based financial planning 

We are an experienced team of financial advisors. Being an independent financial services firm allows us the freedom to advise our clients with objectivity and autonomy. You benefit from our ability to select from the financial instruments in the industry…not just from one single source.


                                                                                    …is small but mighty

Purposefully keeping our firm SMALL allows us to create an open, comfortable relationship with each client.  Yet we are MIGHTY as we have the support of Voya Financial Advisors.


                                   …offers you a personal approach to your financial planning

As a client, you will have direct access to your entire team where communication is timely and welcome.  We will establish your personal website where you can review your financial plan and entire investment portfolio - updated daily.  Our central goal is to educate you so we can make strategic decisions together.


                                                     …let us help you find your Beech Creek

Where is your future planning taking you?  For us, Beech Creek is a place of calm and serenity where one can go to enjoy the benefits of a life well planned. Allow us to help you find YOUR  “Beech Creek”.